Wednesday, November 24, 2010


If you follow my other blog you know that I am in Croatia visiting a friend's family.  I've been doing what I like to call "free painting" kind of the same idea as "free writing" where you sort of just start writing an just write whatever comes to mind for certain periods of time.  We used to have to do it in English classes in high school.  Free painting is pretty much the same concept.  Just painting to paint, feel the brush or pencil in your hand and go with it, not really concerned so much with the end result, just the freedom of the process.  My colored pencil and Foundation II professor, Sheri Doty, always called it "no risk painting."  It can be very liberating.  I've been finding myself with random amounts of free time while waiting for my friend to put her daughters down for nap, etc.  I found that this was an excellent use for this time.  I just kept working on the same piece of paper, from a photo; just relaxing and free painting.  Thought you might like to see what I ended up with.
(Again sorry for the photo quality).

Watercolor pencil in sketchbook

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Even while traveling....

Yes, even while and most especially when traveling, we have a tendency to be inspired.  (I appologize for the quality, I have no scanner available so these were taken with my camera).  I was "coloring" with my niece and doodled this.

Her mom mentioned that she liked these and that she would like to do some illustrations in her daughters room like this either in mural form on hung on the wall.  So later on I came up with these, while pondering on this theme.   I feel really good about the quail, but I'm not so sure about the fox.  I think the bunny was my mind wandering, since it doesn't really follow the same style as the other sketches just the same color scheme.

Watercolor pencils, sketchbook.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A stab at Art Nouveau

Well, here you have it my first real try at an art nouveau piece.  I know that some of my art has a tendency toward some art nouveau elements, but the this is the first full blown piece I've ever done in this art style.    (I did cheat on the the lettering though, I printed those out on a copy machine and glued them to the poster before painting).  Done for a church service auction. 

Acrylic and sharpie on poster board.