Monday, August 15, 2011

Random Window Fun

So, apparently I've been underestimated!  How funny it is when you've been telling people at your job that you are an illustration major, they have seen your sketchbooks, and even looked at some of your art online, and yet they somehow don't associate you with art.  Sure they think you are good with your hands and "crafty" but not artistic.  How often does that happen I wonder.

Anyway I was told that I was welcome to help my co-worker with painting our windows for an early bird sale.  She had been joking all morning that her birds looked more like ducks.  So while she started to scrape off our old window "art"  I started painting highlighters and then some birds to match the flyers that the main bookstore had sent us.

All of a sudden it was as if I had been hiding my artistic abilities from everyone all this time and they were shocked for some reason to find out that I could paint.  (Granted any level of professionalism was hard to attain with the crappy paints they had to work with.  It didn't have white and we ended up using whiteout.  It took all three highlighters to figure out how to use the paint from the window markers with any dexterity).

The markers were tipped like this so I used a brush to paint.  (click for photo reference)

So there you have it my two window panes at work.  I would have finished the remaining panes but it was hot enough I had sweat running down my spine, and my co-worker told me to stop there saying she had some pink she would bring to work on her next shift.  Here's hoping I get to finish painting the earthworm they wanted. ☺

PS:  Sorry for the grainy photos they were taken with my phone.

Paint marker on glass