Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Last Year's Worth

Working in a call center when it's busy is not the most ideal place to find both time and opportunities to draw and paint, however I found that through doodling in sketchbooks when the phone queues were not busy and the requests that co-workers gave me I was able to challenge myself just a little.

These drawings were requests. I made a deal with my co-workers that if they let me keep the original piece and give them a print I would do these for free. I considered these more as practice pieces and decided that keeping the pieces would be beneficial for my portfolio as well. Generally I would just use the supplies that we had around the office like printer paper and crayola colored pencils.


Becky said...

Your sketches are too cute! I still have the ones from animation :) Keep it up!!

imajacobs said...

You are really talented!